This past weekend, my friends and I went on a couple of different little adventures.

We all started the morning off at our friend Sky’s house, everyone had spent the night there the day before. We woke up super hungry and decided to head to Mesa Cafe to grab some breakfast. Once getting to the restaurant, we  immediately ordered, everyone was starving. We got the food and ate everything that was on our plate and suddenly felt wayyy to full. It was delicious. After breakfast we decided on heading to the beach because it was finally hot outside.

We decided on going to Butterfly beach. Butterfly is a beach in Montecito that I would describe as the perfect beach. It it is always gorgeous, has clear waters, and is a great distance from local restaurants if you want to grab a quick bite.

The weather was low 80’s. Finally. It’s been rainy and cold for weeks and I could not wait to go and hop in the ocean.

We laid out our towels and just basked in the sun. It was so relaxing. I finally am starting to get rid of my killer water polo tan that makes my stomach 10x whiter than the rest of my body. We stayed at butterfly for about three hours. During that time we tanned, swam in the ocean, played some fun games, and mostly just relaxed from our long week.

Everyone got hungry after a while and wanted to leave. We all jumped in Sky’s car and headed to Francesca’s house. Francesca lives in Montecito so we thought it would be easiest to go there because it’s close.

We got there and ate some snacks and swam in her pool. She has an awesome pool that overlooks the whole city and mountains. After we got tired of swimming, we went on her roof and watched the sunset. A great end to the day.

This day made me really appreciate life a little more. After hearing some horrible news about a good friend, everyone got super sad, which ruined the rest of our night. We learned on this day to treat every day like it’s your last, and to tell all your love ones that they are appreciated💙.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J



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