Farren Rd

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to go on an adventure and head up to Farren Road.

Farren Road is a road in Goleta, it has a beautiful view of a large grass field that overlooks the ocean, it is truly stunning.

I went with my friends Kayla and Rallie. We all went to the same junior high and were super close, but we ended up going to different high schools so it has been hard to see each other recently. Going here was a perfect way to catch up. Rallie drove us, she recently turned 16 and finally convinced her parents to let her drive other people.We started the morning off around noon, headed to grab some lunch then we were on our way. We drove about twenty minutes, and finally reached our destination.

I have heard about Farren from a lot of different people, but did not expect what I was about to see. It is amazing!! The grass is the brightest of greens, and the hills roll on endlessly, it makes you forget how we are in a drought.

The road goes on forever, well probably not forever but it sure seems that way. We drove along it for a while, just admiring the beauty of what was around us, then eventually decided to pull over. We pulled over at a random area and thought it was time to explore. The area where we wanted to go is protected by a fence, but we just decided to climb under it. After going under it, we just started running, it is a large grassy field with nothing in its way so who wouldn’t. We ran around for a bit and just admired the scenery, in the distance we saw a ton of cows but sadly they were too far away for us to walk to them and there was no way we could of driven to them.

Farren makes you appreciate where you live. It is the kind of place you forget you have available to you. You are surrounded by green, green, and more green. Being there you don’t think about anything, everything seems so small and unimportant compared to it, all of your problems and worries are suddenly insignificant.

Farren is the perfect place. Whether it’s to explore, have a picnic, or just admire the scenery! I completely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick little trip with a great view. It makes it even better if you go with awesome people, like I did.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J



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