This past weekend was Prom!!

About a month ago I got asked to the dance. Levi asked me by putting up a ton of sticky notes on my wall that read “PROM?” and he also gave me flowers. I of course said yes, and from then on started planning for the day!

My Mom and I headed down to LA for a water polo tournament a little less than a month ago, and while driving down we stopped and looked for dresses! I had been looking previously for dresses online so when I got to the stores I knew pretty much exactly what I wanted. I tried on around 20 dresses at a shop called Windsor, this is where my sister got her dress last year. I found some I liked but didn’t love, so decided to head to some other shops. I went to Nordstrom and tried on a couple dresses and ended up finding the perfect one!

On the morning of prom I woke up nervous but excited for the day! I pretty much lounged around until my hair appointment which was at 1:00 and my makeup appointment at 3:30. For my hair I had a half up/half down with curls at the bottom, and my makeup I went with a more natural  eye look. After the appointments I got the boutonniere and was ready to go!

For the pictures, Levi and I first headed to the rose garden. We weren’t exactly sure if we were going to be able to take pictures at the house we were going to for dinner so we wanted to take some just in case. After our solo pictures we headed to the house.

Levi’s friend has a huge house in Montecito and ended up having about 50 people over before prom for dinner. We all sat at a super super long dinner table and enjoyed our meal. This was super fun and I loved seeing how great everyone looked.


After dinner we headed on the party bus. We rode around in this for about two hours before the dance. The party bus was awesome, we drove around Santa Barbara dancing to music getting ready for the actual dance.

Once we finally got to prom, it was amazing! The building was beautiful, and they set it up so nice. We danced some more and got to see the other people who were not in our dinner group. We also got to see our two good friends get Prom King & Queen! I loved watching them get crowned because both of them were not expecting it so the reactions on there face were priceless. Overall it was great.

After dancing for ages, our group decided to leave. We all piled into the party bus and went back to the house where we had previously had dinner. She had an after party there which was super fun. This night was amazing, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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