Glen Lake

This week I am going to be talking about a trip I went on last summer to Glen Lake, Michigan.

My friend Abby and her family go to Glen Lake every summer. They have two lake houses up there that they share with the whole family (cousins and all), and during the summer everyone meets up there. Abby and her sisters are allowed to bring a friend, so this year she brought me.

Glen Lake is a lake located in Leelanau County in the state of Michigan, near Lake Michigan. It is truly beautiful there, probably one of the prettiest places I have ever seen.

We went for two weeks. While there we did a lot of exploring. Abby and I couldn’t drive then, but the population of the town is about 1,000, so we often took out the family golf cart and road around the town since it’s so little. She showed me around and I got to see how lovely the small town is. We tried new restaurants, hiked around the area, went on a bike rides, met new people, and just hung out!

In the mornings we would wake up, go out the back door, and walk down this passageway that lead to straight to the lake.The lake was literally in their backyard.When at the lake we went jetskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, kayaking, paddle boarding, riding in the boat, and just swam around. We could spend most of the day out there without getting bored. It was so peaceful being out there. The water was crystal clear and wasn’t cold!


This trip was super relaxing, but also super fun. I learned how to wake board which was awesome. I have always wanted too, but watching other people do it is super intimidating because they make it seem so easy! It took me some tries, and some discouragement, but after a while I finally did it! Standing up made me feel so proud of myself because i never thought it would happen.


After the two weeks, our trip sadly came to a close. I was happy to be going home, but also wanted to stay at this gorgeous new place! Luckily, Abby invited me to go again this summer. I can’t wait to have another amazing time this year!!

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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