Ohhh how great Stagecoach is.

This past weekend I went to Stagecoach, if you couldn’t already tell. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it is a 3-day country music festival located in Indio, California. It’s filled with great music, tons of cowboys, and lots of food.

The trip started bright and early Friday morning, around 6 o’clock. We headed on our way for what seemed like ages, and hours later finally arrived at the house we were staying at! I was with my friend Georgia, we knew this was going to be an interesting weekend because we were staying in a house with just us and 11 other boys…all I can say is the house got pretty messy and we did a lot of the cleaning.

After relaxing around the house for a while, we had to get ready for the day. It was our first time at Stagecoach, so we didn’t really know what to expect. Our outfits were pretty spot on though looking back at it. The first day of the festival was John Pardi, Randy Houser, 38 Special, Cole Swindell, and Dierks Bentley. They were great! The only problem of this day was I forgot to break in my cowboy boots so I had and still have HUGE blisters on the back of my feet:(. We also went to the festival pretty early, which I don’t recommend because then you are too tired for the people you actually want to see. But at least we learned the first day so we were prepared for the following days.

Day 2 we decided to not go until later, which was nice because we got to hang out and relax by the pool. We saw Jamey Johnson, Kip Moore, Brett Eldredge, Willie Nelson, and we decided to skip out on Shania Twain because…eh. All I can say is Willie Nelson=10/10, he is such a great singer and we even got to see him sing on his 84th birthday! We also got to meet some super awesome people at this concert.


Day 3. My favorite day. Again, we decided not to go until later, which I prefer because we can sleep in and hang out. On day 3 I lost my phone, don’t know how, after freaking out for a little I suddenly stopped caring because I was having such a great time. Somehow it made its way back to me, luckily. This day we saw CAM, Los Lobos, Tyler Farr, Travis Tritt, Thomas Rhett, and Kenny Chesney! Everyone who we watched was amazing. Thomas Rhett was who I was looking forward to seeing most, and he is so so soo good. At the end, when the last performer came on, Kenny Chesney, we were all disappointed because we knew the festival was ending, but at least it ended on a good note.

All of us were super tired at the end of Day 3, we got back to the house and slept. We had to be up early the next morning to leave for home:(. After a sad goodbye, we left the house, drove forever, and made it home. I am definitely getting sick, which I knew would happen, but it was completely worth it.

I recommend Stagecoach to everyone, even if you don’t love country you will still have a great time. I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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