Tennis Club

This past weekend, I headed to the Santa Barbara Tennis Club with my friends!

The Tennis Club is a country club located near the Mission Canyon area of Santa Barbara. They have a gym, tennis courts, pool, and a great snack shack. My friends and I only went to swim though.

I started my Saturday morning off with my friends Abby, Francesca, Reece, and Chloe.

We were extremely bored and didn’t know what to do. It was hot outside so we wanted to go to the beach, but the beach ended up being super windy. We left the beach and just decided to head to the pool instead.

This was a great idea. The pool was the perfect weather, mid 80s. It had finally started to get hot again after all the weeks of rain! We all layed in the sun for hours, trying to get tan-while I was just trying to get rid of my dreaded water polo tan that I have had for weeks.


After laying in the sun for awhile, we started to overheat and decided to  jump in the pool. We swam for a little while taking funny videos on my gopro that I later turned into a little montage. All of us kept switching off from pool to hot tub to pool to hot tub because we would get to hot then get to cold and couldn’t decide.

We got kinda bored and decided to head to the locker room, they have a private hot tub and we could all hang out there. We hung out in the super deep hot tub and talked about our future plans of the night. I went in the sauna and decided to sweat out my stress from the previous week, ap tests are coming up!!

After a while we decided to head home, we were tired from all that sun. Everyone went home to shower and change, we were going to go out to dinner later that night so we all needed to get ready.Once we were finally ready, we headed to Eureka for a girls night! Overall it was a great day, it’s good to have a relaxing day every once and awhile.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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