This past weekend, my friends and I had a little Easter adventure!

My friends and I have been planning to celebrate easter together for the past couple of weeks. Even though we may be a little too old for it, we wanted to have a mini easter egg hunt just between us for a little fun, and mostly just a way to all get together to hang out. We decided to celebrate it on a Saturday, this is because easter was on  Sunday and it is the kind of holiday to spend with your family.

The night before the hunt (Friday) we were all at Georgia’s house. It was Georgia, Olivia, Francesca, Reece, Lauren, Kenzie, Abby, and I. We went to the store actually about five different times to prepare for the following day. On each trip to the store, we forgot something we were meant to buy. After finally getting all the supplies, we ended up with eggs, candy, frosting, and tons of cupcake mix. We made funfetti cupcakes for the next day, once they were done baking we decided to decorate them. We put all different colors of frosting and patterns on the cupcakes to make them easter themed, each one looking different.

The next day(Saturday), we started the morning off at Georgia’s house(per-usual). We lagged for a super long time while getting ready, but when it finally started to get hot outside we drove over to Georgia’s grandma’s house for the easter festivities!

This day turned into more of a pool day rather than an Easter day, but that is completely fine with me. Georgia’s grandma’s house is super pretty, it has a big backyard with tons of grass that overlooks the mountains. It was very relaxing. We spent most of our time in the hot tub, her grandma’s pool is freezing! All of us just hung out, talked, and frolicked around the house.

After a while, Georgia’s aunt offered to hide all the eggs for us. We agreed to this because we were too lazy to do it ourselves. We all went inside for a bit and waited anxiously for her to tell us when she was done. Finally, Georgia’s aunt came back inside and told us to go look for the eggs!

Everyone rushed outside searching for eggs, while a couple of others and I just watched. I didn’t really want to search for any eggs because my head hurt, I had gotten a concussion previously that week and was trying to take it easy the best I could. After a while, everyone came back with all their eggs and ate all their candy from them. I would say the easter egg hunt was worth it.

We soon got tired of the hot tub and decided to head home, we reminisced on the day and decided it was a success, overall a great pre-easter. Sometimes it’s good to be a little childish.

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J


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