Lizard’s Mouth

This past weekend, my friends and I headed up to Lizard’s Mouth located along West Camino Cielo Rd.

Lizard’s Mouth is a mountain/rock formation that looks above Santa Barbara. It is an easy 1/4 mile ‘hike’ if you can even call it a hike. It is more like a walk where one can explore the local graffiti, the giant rocks, have a picnic, overlook the city, or even just sit and watch the sunset.

I went with my friends Miranda, Levi, and Kyle. When we went it was super foggy and rainy, not a great day to go if you are trying to look at the city and mountains. Even though there was tons of fog, it was still super fun. It was my second time going, but it felt like my first because it was a whole new experience. The last time I went, I got to see all the graffiti and art of the people who traveled through. This time I went, I got to see a different side of it, more of the giant boulders and plants.


While we laid on the top of the rocks, and looked up at the clouds, we heard an abundance of gun shots. This is because there is a shooting range also located on West Camino Cielo Rd, right next to where we were. This kind of ruins the state you are in, the calm state. But we just had to ignore it to enjoy the view.


While up there we snacked on some seeds and adventured along the rocks, It was difficult to jump from rock to rock because the fog was so thick which made it hard to see. No matter the fog we still made the most of it.


When we decided to leave, my friend Kyle thought it would be a good idea to say  “First person to the car wins.” Miranda and Levi are both people who are super competitive and took this super seriously, Miranda plays soccer and is super aggressive, Levi likes to “send it” as he would say and just go for it as fast as he can. The two of them sprinted away and Kyle told me to follow him because he had a “shortcut.” Long story short I followed Kyle, who had no clue where he was going, and we got stuck in tons of plants and bushes and ended up at the car a solid 20 minutes later.


Even though there was a ton of fog, and we got stuck in some plants for a little, it was still super enjoyable. I completely recommend Lizard’s Mouth to anyone looking for a fun little adventure!

I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!

Thanks, J



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