This past weekend, my friends and I went on a couple of little adventures.

We started the day off with a quick roller blade to the harbor. My friend Georgia really wanted to go rollerblading, but my other friends and I don’t own them and didn’t want to pay money to rent them, so we just walked. We walked from the skate park to the harbor with Georgia going ahead of us. The day was beautiful, the sky was bright blue, and it was finally sunny and warm out! Watching Georgia was actually surprisingly entertaining. She has such and outgoing and wild personality that you just look at her and smile.


Once we got to the harbor we were pretty hungry, and decided to head to sushi go go, a sushi restaurant on the harbor with greatttttt food. After ordering, Georgia suggested that we should eat the food on her boat because it was such a beautiful day!


Once we were finished eating, we got a text from our friends Phil and Tynan, they were wondering if we wanted to hangout, and we said yes. We drove over to Tynan’s house, and all the girls filed into the boys cars. We decided we should drive up to Gibraltar. We chose heading up to Gibraltar for two reasons. One: because it was such a beautiful and clear day we would be easily be able to see the view of the city at the top of the mountains. Two: recently we saw a picture on Instagram of someone jumping on a trampoline on the water tower and we were determined to find it.

On the drive up to Gibraltar the view is truly breath taking. The road you take up the mountain to get there is always pretty much empty, give or take four or five cars you pass on the way, which makes it perfect for looking at the scenery on the way up. The drive includes a lookout of the city, ocean, and mountains. It is such a soothing drive because you are only surrounded by nature. Since you are in the mountains, you don’t get cell service, so you actually experience the drive up there, which i love. The farther up the mountains we got, the foggier it got, which was scary but also awesome to see.


Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the water tower with the trampoline. But, we did find a normal water tower and a place where you could perfectly see the city!



I cannot wait for my next adventure. Comment suggestions of places you love to go to that I should go visit!
Thanks, J


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